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Why a Photo Headshot Can Help You Stand Out in the Security Industry

Are you new to the security industry? Or a multi-year veteran security professional? There might be times in your career growth when you might feel stuck.

This could be for a number of reasons, and in this post, we will discuss an easy first step toward your career advantage towards growth opportunities.

Why Do I Need A Professional Headshot?

In our current work climate, it is very common for security professionals to search and apply for employment online. You might search company websites and look at their careers page, or you might use websites like or to help you with your next step.

What you might not be aware of, is having a professional presents online for yourself is just as important as a company having a website.

Remember, you are selling your skills and experience to the next employer. Having a headshot will help build credibility, trust, and interest.

What a Headshot Realy Means

A headshot can help with professional credibility, as it can assist others in seeing an example of your deportment and professional image. If you work for a company, you represent that company in both your actions and your image.

Trust is also a large factor, it demonstrates that you are willing to invest in yourself. Having clearly identifiable actions in your professional toolbox, help organizations feel more comfortable investing in you.

As for interest, when a recruiter or manager can bring up your profile on their computer, as they talk with you on the phone. It can have the impression of a face-to-face conversation. Or if you are in a reception area, waiting for an interview, knowing your face can increase the recruiter's confidence in identifying you easily in a group.

How do I get a Headshot?

The process is very easy towards getting a headshot. The steps are almost the same at every agency. If you find a photographer you want to work with, book an appointment. Show up in your best business clothes, and spend about 20 minutes getting your picture taken in different ways.

Once the session is over, you are usually presented with a few photos to choose from. Once you select the photo(s) you are interested in, they are then touched up and emailed to you.

Where Do I Put My Headshot?

The most common location is or you may have a professional profile on or When you have your new position, many companies ask for a headshot to add to their internal communications.

Next Steps

If you have experienced any of SCOPE training, consulting and equipment, and you would like to work with us again, we have partnered with CORE Photography, to help security professionals in the Calgary Area a chance to build up their next step.


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