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CODE: 1915?

CODE: 1915


You are part of a noble profession.

In the Canadian security industry, it's common to feel invisible, whether you work alone or as part of a team. But there's a way to change that - by representing yourself and supporting others. CODE: 1915 is a unique apparel line created specifically for the security industry. When you wear CODE: 1915, you'll feel part of a large and professional community, and others will see you as a valued member. So don't hesitate - join the CODE: 1915 community today and make your mark in the Canadian security industry.


What We Are About

SCOPE Safety & Security started with a simple mission. We want to help keep you safe so you can keep others safe. We focused a lot on training and body armour. Yet, in the changing landscape of Canadian Security, we wanted to go beyond your work and help build a community to be proud of. 

What is 1915?

S is the 19th letter of the alphabet and O is the 15th letter. S.O. is short for Security Operative. Each security shift is an operation to ensure safety and reduction of harm, hazard and threat. 1915 is for all the Security Operatives in Canada.

A Thank You To Each Of You

You might not feel or hear it, but each of you is helping keep Canadian communities a little safer. Each patrol and every person you help is making a difference. When we look at how large the Canadian Security industry is, we can start seeing how big of an impact each of you makes. Thank You.

Our New Mission

If any of you have taken our in-person training, you know we are big on front-line staff support. We have committed a percentage of each sale to go towards the support of the security team for post-crisis events.  

If you’d like more information about our post crisis event support,

get in touch today.

Your Worth It

Welcome to Something Big

Being part of a community brings big things. Peer support, advocacy, Networking for better job opportunities, Skills Sharing, and so much more. Welcome to something big.

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