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SCOPE Safety & Security is the results of many expreinces and disciplines that have been collected over many years and countires.

Mike Byrne is the founder of SCOPE, and his philisophy is a simple one. Everyone has the right to feel safe.  

Calgary Use of Force Training, showing joint control
Giving Back
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Bow River

Giving Back

Our drive is to help people feel safe.

Our training and product offerings reflect this.


The security industry is within a unique position to identify, prevent, deter or engage as required to manage our clients' risks.


Yet, training and equipment to be practical within these responsibilities are often disproportionate to the individual's income or the organization's margins.

At SCOPE, we are very sensitive to this and try and offer our product and training solutions with this in mind.


The best possible products and training are available yet within an attainable price point for front-line security guards and small organizations.

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