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Our Method

Train for Real-Life, Mock Scenario Training


Staff Training

Our training goes beyond the basic standards mandated by the government. We equip your teams with the skills and knowledge they need to operate with confidence and competence in real-world situations. You can trust our training to deliver reliable and dependable results.


Table Top Staff Planning

Simply providing a binder and a training course every few years is not enough to equip your staff with the necessary skills to handle emergencies effectively. The people in and around your building rely on your staff to respond efficiently to unforeseen situations and make quick decisions based on rapidly changing circumstances. They require ongoing training and preparation to ensure your staff can handle the pressure of critical events.


On Site Mock Training

Numerous provinces in Canada mandate scenarios and mock training drills to ensure that all staff members are well-prepared to respond to emergencies and evacuations. These drills not only help build real-world confidence but also enhance one's competence. SCOPE's Mock training is an excellent way to ensure your staff has the necessary skills to handle unforeseen circumstances.


Execution and Review

Learning from experience is crucial. It is only by going through a scenario from start to finish that all the gaps in your knowledge and preparation can be identified. This enables us to review your policies, provide necessary training, and consider the equipment needed for a more efficient response going forward.


Building a quality quarterly plan will help with your required Occupational Health and Safety compliance; A quality plan will also increase staff confidence, reduce turnover and inspire trust with all your stakeholders.



Core Package

Our program ensures OHS compliance and builds core competencies in Emergency Response Planning, Training, and Core tools.



Transition Package

Ideal for sites facing significant risks, hazards, and threats, this package includes training, mock scenarios, and monthly support tools.

Image by Trinity Nguyen


Excel Package

The Excel package is designed to help sites manage risks, hazards, and threats with enhanced training, scenarios, drills, and team development tools.

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