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Security Teams Consultation

The challenges faced by security professionals and teams are constantly evolving. Dynamic solutions offer measurable results that can be self-sustaining...

SCOPE Consulting Services

We collaborate with your security team to minimize operational impacts.

  • Reduce staff turnover

  • Increase professional response to crisis and conflict

  • Defining Specific KPIs for real-time measurement

  • Improved staff engagement

  • Improved articulation of front-line security and management regarding decision making.

The SCOPE Difference

Functionality You Will Love


Soft Skills Development

The security industry requires effective communication skills at all levels, including peer-to-peer, client engagement, and top-down and bottom-up communication.


Training for Results not Complinace

Security organizations often prioritize compliance to meet contract requirements. We will help you build upon the compliance foundation to create a results-based measurement plan.


Staff Retention

Finding, developing and keeping good staff is a significant challenge for any industry. SCOPE Safety & Security has proven methods to help improve all three pillars of retention. While still being able to maintain your existing budget.



Business is all about communication, and the most crucial aspect of business communication is measurement. While many security organizations measure billable hours as their primary metric, the client's perspective is often different. Therefore, it is essential to create a measurement key that satisfies both the client's and staff's requirements and exceeds their expectations.

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