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Serious Vest Solutions for your Organisation


We Offer Bespoke Vest Solutions

For Small - Medium Size Teams and Organisations

With corporate pricing starting as low as $350/unit, we can fit most budgets to keep your team safe. Our custom design careers can also help with your branding and compliance needs.


A Minimum Order quantity of 10 units for custom vests allows for a very practical considering to helping with your uniforming needs.


Choose Your Vest

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You can choose or modify one of our existing vest careers or we can design one specific to your movement and branding needs



Choose Your Level

We have a variety of protection levels to meet your risk needs. From low-level force impact all the way to NIJ and VBAM-rated protection.


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Choose Your Quantity

You may need a large volume of vests right away to meet staff and image demand, or we can build a trickling supply to meet the needs of turnover and growth.

Low Profile Stab Vest

Low Profile
Stab Vest


Our NIJ and VBAM certified vests are designed with a proprietary interlock tile technology. Allowing for a zero-gap rigid solution for stab and slash risks.

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