Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

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  • 450 Canadian dollars
  • Calgary, Alberta

Service Description

Take your medical training to the next level. Progress from the standard ABC assessment and start applying MARCH. This is an ideal medical program to transition from bystander first aid to Duty to Respond to the Security Industry. M - Massive Hemoroging A - Airway R - Respiration C- Circulation H - Hyperthermia Why is hypothermia often ignored? We’ve heard all of the excuses: – “It isn’t necessary unless you are in a cold environment.” – “We don’t need to treat at the point of injury because they are about to ride in a warm ambulance.” – “It isn’t practical to carry bulky hypothermia kits.” If a patient has lost blood, they have lost body heat and are already in a deficit. You must interrupt the lethal triad using all of the means at your disposal.

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