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At SCOPE Safety & Security, we are always getting feedback from several Human Resource departments from our employment partners. The number one thing we hear the most is how bad an interview went with a security applicant. In this post, we will help you avoid some of the most common mistakes.

Not Being Prepared For The Interview

All too often, someone looking to enter the security industry is guilty of this common mistake. The candidate not being prepared.

You should research the companies you are applying too. Visit their website and have a good read of their 'About Us' page. As a security professional, there is an expectation that you can pay attention to details. Not being able to answer the basics about your future employer shows that you are passive about your employment goals.

Making The Interview About You

What I am about to say may seem a little too direct, but we have to be crystal clear about one thing. Companies are hiring you to solve their problem. Not Yours! It is incredible how often a qualified person gets removed from consideration due to their attitude during the interview.

The interview is not interested in how hard things have been for you, or why you need the job so bad. The purpose of the conversation is for you to demonstrate how you can help solve a problem they have. Once you have shown you are the right fit for their company, then you can start asking for small requests to help meet your needs.

Dress Professional For The Interview

I have seen first hand in waiting areas people dress so poorly for their job interview, that you can predict how things are going to play out. I am not saying you need to have the latest and greatest; you do not need to have money to put your best effort forward. I am talking about the individuals that do not care.

Sweat Pants, T-Shirts, other Security Companies uniforms, Yoga pants too name a few things are not acceptable for a job interview. The security industry is about dress and deportment. If you show up looking too casual, then what are people expected to think of your motivation if this is supposed to be you at your best?

Put your best foot forward. If you have a suit and tie, Collared Shirt, or female equivalent is highly recommended. If you are working on a limited budget, then pick your best clothes and put effort into your overall appearance. Companies at the entry-level positions are not looking for a high level, just professional attempt.

Training and Education

Suppose you are not sure what additional training and education you may need, have a look at the prefered skills of the job posting. Education is not a numbers game; I recently had a conversation with someone that was excited about all of their 'tickets' for entering their first security job. As I had a look, I saw only 3 out of 12 certificates that would be relevant for their job.

Be careful with your money and your time. If you are not sure if you should consider taking a specific education or training, I strongly recommend asking the Human Resource department and not the trainer. Not all trainers will give you an honest answer, but the HR department will.

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