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Alberta Basic Security Training

The security industry in Alberta is a fast-growing industry. Over recent years the security market has transitioned from security jobs to security careers.

There are many options in the market when it comes to security training. Almost all topics covered are the same, yet, not all are explained the same.

It is apparent during job interviews, that students get their training from different schools.

SCOPE Safety & Security has a big reputation in the security industry for providing quality students. This is why many of our students have job offers before they complete their training.


Online vs Classroom

For the Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) there is a large difference between online and classroom learning.

Online learning is convenient, as you can learn on your own time and from the comfort of your home. Often the price is lower and if you are organized, you might even complete the course in a short amount of time.

Classroom Learning is more traditional, you can ask more in-depth questions and benefit from networking with others students. Participate in practical activities and see real-world examples of some complex topics.

At SCOPE, we strongly recommend classroom learning. There is clear evidence, that adults learn better from participation than from reading and watching.